I’m fairly remiss on my Iron Shawna posts, what with scrambling to get the book finished by my promised deadline.  Sometimes visits to the food bank are farther apart than I’d like due to conflicting schedules (two, sometimes three weeks).

All of this means that I’m using even more of my Iron Shawna skills than usual.  I’ve also learned that going to the food bank on an empty stomach and/or after being away for 2-3 weeks is very much like going to the grocery store on an empty stomach: I become a bit gluttonous.

Today, I was intrigued to receive a prepared food that I’d never heard of: khichdi.  It’s an Indian dish with rice, lentil and vegetables.  This particular blend of vegetables includes: carrots, peas, onions and potatoes.

The reason I’m listening khichdi as this week’s “ingredient” is because I plan take mental note of the composition of this dish for future use.  I know that I will get the individual ingredients in future weeks so that I can replicate the dish on my own.  For example, I imagine that I could chop up some squash, greens, tomato, or other available veggies in my own future variations of khichdi.

Have you ever taken inspiration from dishes prepared by others?  What kind of variations have you made on your own afterward?