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I don’t have anything lengthy to say in this post.  I’m just happy to say that I’m roasting veggies in the oven right now, to most easily use a large amount of run-of-the-mill vegetables for my locale: yellow squash, red and yellow potatoes, red and yellow onions, green beans, and cranberries (ok, these aren’t veggies but they will add some great flavor).

The two vegetables that are unusual for me are parsnip and something that looks like a large okra (Japanese okra, perhaps?)  I can’t wait to taste how these blend with the rest of the mix.

Tossed with some olive oil, italian seasoning, berbere (an Ethiopian blend of slow and warm-heated spices), and red pepper flakes before roasting in the oven.  I’m starting with an hour at 375F.  They’ll probably need a bit longer, but that’s ok.  I’m patient.  I think.

Also, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to consume all of this by Wednesday.  I might need to share with friends.  Oh, darn.