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Earlier today, I cut up the three green vegetables you see in the photo above, along with some red potatoes and a little bit of sesame oil.  Then, I served the concoction with a smidge of sea salt and Bragg’s Amino Acids.  The taste was pretty good.  However, I am still mystified as to the identity of my nourishment.  I happen to trust that these are all edible, but it would be nice to know what I am eating.

I think the long skinny veggie might be Japanese okra, but the inside and ends aren’t consistent with photos I’ve found online.  Any suggestions for this one and/or the other two are welcome!

Sorrel and yellow carrots also made this week’s Iron Shawna post because I’ve never cooked with sorrel or seen yellow carrots.

It turns out that the tangy lemony leaves are best added to spinach salads, sandwiches, or tomato soup while young and tender.  Cooking tip: instead of lengthy cooking, sorrel is best added at the end of cooking or as a garnish.  Puree the leaves and store in the freezer for later thawing and use as seasoning.  Drying sorrel is not advised.

Herbs are the nutritional accessories to the major food groups, but they have just as big of an impact on our health.  Sorrel happens to grace us with excellent supplies of vitamins A and C, as well as magnesium and manganese.  What does this mean?  I turn to Livestrong to point out the health correlations of eating sorrel:

“Incorporating sorrel into your diet gives you access to one of nature’s vitamin C foods — a 1/2-cup serving of this tart green provides you with 53 percent of the daily recommended intake. If you have recently sustained an injury, eating foods high in vitamin C helps your body heal properly. You may also consider adding sorrel to your meal plan if you’re a smoker; the University of Maryland Medical Center notes that smoking decreases the amount of vitamin C available for use in your body. One serving of sorrel contains 6 percent of the vitamin A you need daily as well, which bolsters your eyesight.”

As for the yellow carrots, I’m simply enjoying them as a unique snack this week.  *CRUNCH!*