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I’ve started working on the urban farm again!  The fresh veggies are a very welcome change in my diet, and that’s a second to the weekly bicycle ride to the work location and the benefits that come from working with community members on an actual working farm.  On top of everything else, I love being able to watch the horses while I work (so long as they keep out of the vegetables!)

The promotional materials for the CSA program explain that one box meets the needs of 1-2 people who are cooking 2-3 times per week.  By supplementing my work share box with what I get at the food bank, I’m able to make it stretch in my full weeks of cooking.

Even though the CSA box is comprised mostly of greens and lettuce right now, I am seeing meal options beyond a simple salad.  Rainbow chard and broccoli raab were nommy when cooked up with curried (turmeric) quinoa and rice.  Kidney beans, yellow bell pepper and garlic brightened up the color (and nutrition), especially when topped with nutritional yeast.

My most recent dish (not pictured here) was a pesto dish involving greens that you might not expect: radish leaves, nettle, spinach and basil mixed together.  First, I blanched the nettle in salt water in order to remove the stinging properties and then blended everything else raw in the blender with a bit of the nettle water and olive oil.  I didn’t have any cheese on hand, so I added the cheesy/nutty flavor of nutritional yeast with a bit of salt and pepper.  Oh, and I like garlic, so there was nearly a full head of garlic blended in, to boot.  I had shell pasta on hand and this dish served me for two meals plus a bit of pesto topping for a slice of toast one morning.  Yum!

One final note of discovery: the farm has started to grow micro greens and sunflower seed sprouts.  When I’m not using them to top my spring green or spinach salad, the micro greens and sprouts by themselves are a tasty little snack. If you’ve never tried them, you might seek them out!