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Actually, this post isn’t a joke.  Trying to figure out the punchline (a.k.a. recipe(s)) does take some figuring, though.

The unusual (for me) ingredients I’m referring to are:

dandelion greens

So far, I’ve found a pretty decent looking roasted fennel recipe.  I also found an intriguing menu that puts together many of the above ingredients (but no recipe for the “Big Plate” entitled Pan Roasted Polenta and includes a fennel and sorrel salad).  A Google search gives me other ideas that combine kohlrabi with fennel and sorrel to make unusual salads.

Time will tell what actually will happen with each of my unusual ingredients.

If you met my unusual ingredients in a bar, what would you do with them (recipe-wise, of course)?

Fennel, sorrel and other unusual ingredients in a salad.
Source: Crocus kitchen garden shop, http://blogs.crocus.co.uk/kitchengarden/