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Reblog comment from Shawna: If anyone was holding their breath for this deadline, they surely have held it for too long! I woefully underestimated how much time, effort and coordination goes into completing, publishing and distributing a book. Mea culpa! The book will happen. I will post updates as the project progresses.

In the meantime, I do anticipate incorporating a video component to this blog that will show you how I approach my Iron Shawna dishes.

Iron Shawna

When will the Iron Shawna book be available? 

Believe it or not, the Iron Shawna book is coming (60 pages so far, and counting)!  Get ready to purchase as many copies as you like by Valentine’s Day 2012.

Also in the works is an Iron Shawna podcast.  That’s right: A PODCAST, coming to an RSS feed near you.

What’s inside? 

* A description of the Iron Shawna concept (working with only on-hand ingredients to come up with healthy, creative meals).

* Tips on the Seattle food bank system, for those who need but haven’t made the leap toward accepting this form of support (or even for those curious about the food bank experience).

* Descriptions of ingredients with associated recipes, nutritional information and preparation/storage conversations.

* Tips on how to recycle or clean difficult containers.

* Introduction to foraging and how to approach it.

Check out the visual sneak peek…

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