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Some people in my life know that my best friend contracted botulism and has been in intensive care since September 15th. Now, you all know. It is a rare illness that can be fatal. However, she is still conscious despite her 99% paralysis, and prognosis is full recovery after 3 months of hospitalization and 3 additional months of outpatient therapy.

I have been cooking more than ever to keep myself healthy. However, I’ve had less time and energy to devote to sharing my experiences and movies with you. I hope you understand.

So, my posts may continue to be slow and somewhat erratic. Life happens. I hope I don’t lose your interest and attention in the process. I’ve made my peace with the possibility, though.

Thanks for watching, reading and responding so far. As a consolation, I’ve included a few photos of the fall colors in my recent cooking adventures. What colors are you cooking with these days?

Until next time…