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I understand that the original phrase “tough nougies” arose among a group of workers at a candy factory. They were have quality problems with their corn syrup supplier and the level of sugar in the corn syrup was fluctuating wildly. As a result, they would end with batches of nougat that were too chewy or tough to be sold. And so the complaint would be heard from time to time, “Oh no! More tough nougies!” The workers began using the phrase outside of work to mean tough luck and usage spread.

Frankly, I’d like a couple more tries on this recipe for candied ginger.  I started out hoping for a soft, chewy-style candied ginger like the kind you can get at Trader Joe’s.  Even after I completed the recipe for this treat, I was fine with the idea of having the consistency of ginger brittle instead.  However, the burnt smell that I mentioned in the video translated to the taste of the finished candy.

Have you ever made candied ginger (either the soft kind or the hard kind)?  What did you like about your process that I may have missed in my own?  For such a simple recipe, I probably misread of mistranslated something from Alton’s recipe.  Not all of my Iron Shawna endeavors are successes…and yet I keep trying.  I hope you do, too.

The ginger water that I kept from the boiling process was a zingy and healthy addition to a protein shake.  Otherwise, I probably would have heated it up with some lemon for tea.


**Nominal Nutritional Information:

Ginger is a very rich source of pyridoxine (vitamin B-6), pantothenic acid (vitamin B-5), potassium, manganese, copper, and magnesium.

In large doses, sugar suppresses the immune system and the release of human growth hormone, promotes inflammation and glycation, and raises insulin levels. A small serving of sugar or occasional sweet snack is not going to trigger a diabetic coma or cause organ failure.  Just be occasional and sparing with your sugar intake.

Benefits of ginger water:

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