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If you haven’t yet done so, please check out my previous post and video about the source of some of my ingredients: a local urban farm called Amaranth Urban Farm in Seattle.

This week, you’ll get a glimpse of my bounty from the food bank in late September/early October.  During farming months, I only rely on food bank about once a month.  However, the lack of produce during the winter encourages me go to the food bank once every week or two.  The Iron Shawna project was born from my dependence upon food bank supplies.  The trade off for receiving free food is a relative lack of choice in what kind of food I consume.

I’ll ask the same questions from last week:

How do my foods compare to yours?  Are they healthier?  More diverse ingredients?  Do you have more choice in your ingredients, and how do you plan your meals?  Would you participate in your local food bank?  Why or why not?

Until next time…enjoy!


No recipe this time!  What would you make with these ingredients?  Where do you get your groceries?  Is it possible to rely on food bank supplies and still follow sustainable values?  Why or why not?

**Nominal Nutritional Information:

I could try to eek out nutritional information about the food bank supplies, but I am honestly short on time, energy and inspiration to do so right now.  I realize that most of the packaged ingredients are far less than optimally healthy.  While supporting my friend who is on life support, I will often feed my emotions with foods like the cupcakes and whipped cream.  It’s a habit from childhood, and it will take time to unlearn that kind of behavior.

**Iron Shawna:

**Sustainable Seeds:

**And finally…
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