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This week just flew right on by!  I worked on a nice closing sequence for future videos and then ran out of time to shoot an actual cooking session.  What’s a girl to do, but to broaden her horizons into dubbing a slide show of cooking?  If you’ve been watching my Tumblr page photos, you may have already seen many of these. However, I happen to think that they’re worth a second look!

Highlights include:

  • easy and elegant way to dress up drinks (virgin or not) with frozen fruit
  • orange essential oil from a base of vodka; I’ve been also working with rosemary and lavender oils, which are not pictured; recipe can be found at http://www.condoblues.com/2011/04/how-to-make-orange-essential-oil-from.html
  • stuff I threw in a pot
  • homemade roasted chestnut butter, served as a snack with homemade plum jam from my friends Asumi and Will;
  • my homemade chicken noodle soup, made with a quadruple threat of ginger, garlic, onion and a touch of spicy green pepper.  I couldn’t resist comparing it alongside a can of stew that I’ve been hanging on to for when there just isn’t anything else in the house to eat
  • etc., etc.  You’ll have to watch the video to see it all.

Check it out:


Here’s the playlist, if you’ve missed previous videos/recipes:


**Nominal Nutritional Information:

Cooking with fresh ingredients is always the way to go, nutritionally speaking.

When you don’t have fresh, just be sure to read your labels for preservatives like salt, sugar, and chemicals – you don’t need a ton of those (they will wreak havoc on your health)!

Count the colors in your meal: if you have 2-3 or more naturally occurring colors, then you’re probably consuming a boastful amount of healthy nutrition.

Remember to stay hydrated, even during winter.  Liquids can affect your energy, focus, and overall health as much as any solid foods.

When in doubt…throw it out (re: spoilage).  The alternative is simply not worth it.

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