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If you ever saw my Vine Teaser and wondered what it was about…this is it!

While I was house sitting for my botulized friend last fall and winter, I became hooked on a green tea powder drink.  Not wanting to drink up her entire supply, I started to wonder if I could grind up my own green tea into a powder.  As it turns out, matcha (a kind of green tea that is typically consumed in powdered form) is a high quality and expensive version that is difficult if not impossible to recreate by grinding your own at home.  Stubbornly, I still wanted to try grinding the powder as part of my cooking.  I thought maybe it could be best used in a sauce.

In the meantime, I’ve had a bag of dried shiitake mushrooms waiting for a good recipe for a while.  A co-founder of the Bainbridge Graduate Institute gave them to me in response to a foraging party I organized for one of my birthday celebrations. For my foraging party, I invited friends to arrive armed with herbs, berries, greens, or other find-able foods in their neighborhood (preferably items naturally growing from a park or other natural space where there were no chemical sprays).  I love the flavor of mushrooms yet have never cared for the texture of them.  So, of course I thought of grinding the mushrooms into a powder in conjunction with my powdered green tea!

99% of the recipes I found online involved white wine and cream, neither of which I had on hand.  I did, however, have a half-drunken bottle of red wine and a few spices.  I decided to plunge ahead with this idea and little use of a solid existing recipe.

I had also recently read an article in The Huffington Post about Repurposing Leftovers.  I happened to have received over-sized packages of cheese-stuffed tortellini and ground beef at the time, which I had been eating with arugula pesto (homemade from another over-sized bag of arugula, vegetable oil & garlic powder).  This green tea & mushroom powder wine reduction turned out to be a nice shift in flavor.

Curiouser and curiouser, right?  Check out the video!


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– Opening/closing song: “Neon” from iMovie
– Time lapse song: “Meeqqat inuunerissut (Englebøffer Humlehorn Rmx)” by “HAP & John O” from sampleswap.org

**Nominal Nutritional Information:

Green tea contains vitamins A, D, E, C, B, B5, H and K, and is an exceptionally good source ofantioxidants and alkaloids.  It is a rich source of Manganese, Zinc, Chromium and Selenium.

Dried shiitake mushrooms have a high percentage of essential amino acids and higher vitamin D content than most foods.

Red wine provides small amounts of iron, potassium, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, and fluoride.

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