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It’s nearing the end of my academic quarter.  That, and it’s nearing the end of the academic year!  That, and most of my cohort is graduating without me.  That, and I’m getting to know my newly adopted cohort (which frankly, is one of the reasons I planned my MBA in Sustainable Systems as a three-year program instead of the traditional two years).

How can Iron Shawna keep up with it all?  Cat naps.  That’s how:

#ThisIsHowIPlay #DailyPlay #cats #naps

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My journey as a  2012-2013 Diversity & Social Justice Committee (DSJ) co-chair is also racing to an end.  Would you like to know what we’ve been busy doing?  I’ll tell you, regardless: we hosted a DSJ theme from May 15-19!  What did that entail, you might ask?  We wove DSJ throughout the 5 days by:

  • asking a new bi-monthly social media question about DSJ to the BGI community: “How do you see #Diversity #SocialJustice understanding & activities evolving Bainbridge Graduate Institute (BGI) in 10 minutes, hours, months, years?”
  • purchasing and donating the Cracking The Codes (CTC) film to the BGI library,
  • hosting a CTC screening and conversation about race at the BGI Office,
  • creating and distributing Diversity Superpower Cards to spur dialogue throughout the weekend,
  • creating and posting DSJ Question Cards (to spur thought and dialogue throughout the weekend) around IslandWood campus where BGI conducts in-person, once-a-month Intensive sessions,
  • inviting a Kaizen conversation including behavior over time graphs reflecting DSJ at BGI,
  • hosting Mijo Lee at our monthly DSJ Lunch to talk about becoming an ally and remembering to continuously “brush our (DSJ) teeth,” vs. maintaining an attitude of “I brushed my (DSJ) teeth back in 2001 – I’m good for life,”
  • inviting individuals to share their personal DSJ stories during each of our daily BGI circles,
  • encouraging a DSJ theme during our monthly Music & Poetry Night (note: the linked video is for a previous year’s performance, though I like how it captures the spirit of what we attempted this year – Thanks to BGI faculty member Taj Johns and Sustainovation for this video from 2011),
  • inviting students to join us for a DSJ conversation and meditation walk around IslandWood campus, where BGI conducts in-person, once-a-month Intensive sessions, and
  • rounding out the weekend by announcing 2013-2014 DSJ Leadership as a result of a combination of self-nomination (from full continuing student body), voting (among nominees), interviewing (top voted nominees) and shoulder-tapping (from partnering Metro and Organizational Systems Renewal (OSR) programs, who are new to DSJ Leadership) process.

Phew!  That’s quite a lot.  And we were not yet finished!  The DSJ Committee benefits from funds raised at the BGI Annual Auction, so the 2012-2013 co-chairs submitted two auction items:

Faculty member Mary Holscher won the DSJ Dinner with us.  One student voiced our amazement quite eloquently, “wait, Mary paid you to have a rich DSJ dialogue with her?”  We considered ourselves extremely lucky to share time and space with Mary.

Food and Agriculture Certificate student Bethany Brakemeyer won the Diversity Training on behalf of the Boys and Girls Club of Long Beach, Washington.  Not only did we have the incredibly beneficial experience of creating and facilitating the training, we learned quite a bit about what diversity looks like in Long Beach, Washington!

Did I also mention that I gave a business pitch for my Energy class about creating a (currently nonexistent) cooperative that uses natural zero energy building & design to create affordable housing in Washington State?  I have also been working on my  personal pitch as part of my Leadership and Personal Development (LPD) class.

I also acted as stage manager (a diversion from my usual sound booth role) for last weekend’s “Talent/No Talent” themed Saturday Night Party.

And…as if that weren’t enough, I have started volunteering at The Community Acupuncture Project of Columbia City.  I truly believe in the healing power of acupuncture, and this particular business provides an affordable sliding scale approach that allows accessibility for both individuals (to treatment) and acupuncture professionals (to make a living).  This clinic is part of a network of similar clinics called People’s Organization Of Community Acupuncture (POCA).

So…what does all of the above have to do with Iron Shawna, you might be asking yourself?  With regard to subject matter, I’d have to say nothing.  With regard to life-work balance, I’d say that…well, one person can only do so much.

In addition to everything else, I am adding even more podcast and video material to my ever-growing collection to share with you (listed in the order that I will finish editing and posting soonest):

  • My friend Luisa Walmsley (who is in town visiting from her exciting life in Afghanistan) let me hit the record button while we cooked fresh, egg-less noodles with arugula pesto, cranberries, Beecher’s Honey Blank Slate cheese, and buttermilk.  Her husband Darrin and my roommate JP also joined us partway through. Let’s just say we used a vodka bottle as our rolling-pin and leave the rest to your imagination for now…
  • Pam Huber of Seriously Yum laughed with me about stocking pantries.
  • My friend Susan Keene from Mountlake Terrace, Washington told me about how she and her husband get creative on a Paleo diet during their hectic working and studying schedules.
  • My high school friend Sean White from Buffalo, New York shared his passion for gardening, interest in easy canning and preserving, and desire to shift his sweet tooth for sugars and chemicals into healthier sweet cravings.

So, please do stay tuned.  Feel free to peruse all of the links above and below.  Most of all, thank you very much for your interest and patience!

Also, in the spirit of diversity and social justice, please check out ProjectEve.com which is a fantastic “Global Community of Women Helping Women”!

Until next time…take care of you!

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